Boyz to Vietmen

4 Friends Motorbike from South Vietnam to North Vietnam, from Boys to Vietmen..

So What’s Next?

We’ve been back for just under a week now and we’re all getting over our 11-hour timezone difference. So what’s next for the Boyz to Vietmen? We’re not quite sure. Once we’ve had a chance to decompress I imagine there are two things that will be coming. First, I’d like to get us four in a room together and talk a little bit about the trip (over some beers I imagine). It’ll be interesting to see what we each have highlighted in our minds.

Second, Rob and I have to get to work and dissect all the video we collected throughout the trip. We’re going to create a movie documentary of some sort and publish it in some fashion. We’re not sure the format yet, whether it’s a 2-hour movie or whether it’ll be a number of 30 minute episodes, but we’ll definitely make good use of the videos we worked hard to capture. We’ll probably have the episodes on the website as download-able and/or maybe push them off to iTunes. We’ll see how it all works out.

For now though, I’d like to say thanks for following us along on our journey. It’s been great having you with us and reading your comments.

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Many Thanks,

Josh and the Boyz to Vietmen

Home Sweet Home.

We arrived in Vancouver and were greeted by two familiar faces. One we expected and one we certainly did not. Adam’s wonderful fiance, Brit, was there to pick us up with Adam’s car and my Mom, June, was also there holding a sign that read “Boyz to Vietmen”. I couldn’t have been more surprised or excited. I was kinda hoping there might be a bit of a reception but we don’t know anyone in Vancouver so I certainly didn’t expect it. You are both awesome, thank you so very much for being there. And as a treat you both saw Adam and Eoin’s suitjamas in their natural habitat.

Adam spent the night with Brit and the rest of us spent the night at Rob’s brother’s place, Nich, who was gracious enough to pick up some ballin’ furniture for his relatively new place and set up beds for us. Thanks Nich.

In the morning, Adam decided to surprise Brit and stay in Vancouver for a few more days until Saturday and spend the time with her, since she was staying there for a couple weeks for a medical school assignment.

After a gluttonous breakfast at Denny’s, the rest of us piled into Adam’s car and Rob drove us back to Calgary, making some very good time. We got back to Eoin’s place and we fired up Betsey. It sounded like a quiet library compared to our Minsks and the power was incredible. Of course, it didn’t start as easily as one would hope, so we called upon our new bike skills and got it running.

What a great trip, but it’s good to be back.

Back to Vancouver

The following day was a hurting day. Our last night in Vietnam got a little out of hand. But it’s probably the only way the four of us could ever say a proper goodbye to a country.

Luckily, we were such ballers over here that the tailors came to our hotel room, so Eoin could sleep off the hangover until the very last moment when he had to get fitted. It’s the only way to do it.

So we finished up our suits, picked up some extra take-homes from the Ben Thang Market and headed to the airport.

Boyz Are Back in Saigon

Back in Saigon. Lock up your daughters. It felt like we were retracing our steps a little bit. We started out here with very naive ideas of the adventure we had signed up for and now that we’re coming back, we feel like veterans of a sort (although you don’t want to use that term loosely over here).

Besides celebrating and getting a little sauced, one of our objectives over the few days we have in Saigon is to get some suits. May as well make good use of the inexpensive materials and labour. It was fun coming back with a little bit of dirt on our shoulders and getting prices that would have been ridiculous to us less than a month ago.

In Hanoi – Vietnam’s Capital

We were already in Hanoi after the bus trip up there but after getting off the bus we literally jumped on our bikes and headed east to Ha Long Bay. We’re now back after Ha Long Bay and can have a proper look around the city.

We have a couple days here and one of the objectives is to off-load our bikes, one way or another. We put up for sale signs for the bikes and posted a few entries on travelfish and various other blogs. We got a few calls, met up with a few people, but with the amount of time we had and the sheer availability of Minsks here, there was no way we could make a sale in time. In fact, we saw a fairly good looking Minsk that was for sale for 189 USD. I can’t compete with this.

We did meet up with our old friends from England and Australia here in Hanoi. We all left Ho Chi Minh City within a day or two of each other and have been meeting up along the way. Instead of heading to Ha Long Bay, they opted to ride their bikes all the way up Vietnam to Hanoi. And they arrived, as did we, successfully. It was a good moment to meet up with them one more time to celebrate.

Skully (Dave) had given his bike to an Agent Orange Care Facility where they look after people that have been affected by the Agent Orange bioweapon used during the war. We tossed around the idea to give our bikes to an orphanage already and thought this was perfect. So we called up the care village and setup a meeting. They were very appreciative and we all felt good about the result. Although many of the kids were back with their families for the weekend, we did meet one interesting kid by the name of “Lum”. Quite the handful, all he wanted to do was startup the bikes and rip off.

And that was the last we saw of our bikes. They had taken us, mostly successfully, from Ho Chi Minh City in South Vietnam to Hanoi in North Vietnam, against many odds and through some very rough conditions. Kudos bikes and farewell. Lets hope they find caring owners that will enjoy them as much as we have (except Eoin, I don’t think he liked his very much).