by JP

It was Sunday in Dong Ha and we were looking for a tour guy to show us the DMZ tour spots on our motorbikes. Of course, we were found within minutes on the side of the road by the same guy that accosted us on the first day when we were trying to find a hotel. Constantly tapping us and telling us that he knows and he’ll take us and blah blah blah. I hated this guy. I admire his persistence, but I can’t stand his approach. We were looking for a legit guy or company to take us around.

That being said, it was Sunday and all the proper tour companies were shut, so it looked like we may have had to follow this guy around as a backup. Luckily, we ended up in the DMZ cafe who gave a call to a guy named Mr. Binh. Super nice fellow and a sheer 180 degrees from the guy that was harassing us.

He spoke great English and was a great sport. He took us to all the spots we wanted to see and stopped at a few others spots of interest as well. He was honest about some of the ‘tour spots’ saying that the tanks and helicopters had largely been removed by locals looking to sell the scrap metal and that there was really nothing to see there.

Besides the road up to these old American bases being quite phenomenal, the two big things we saw were the Khe Sanh base and the Vinh Moc tunnels.

If you’re keen on doing a tour like this, give Mr. Binh a call at 0167 989 2437