Boyz to Vietmen

4 Friends Motorbike from South Vietnam to North Vietnam, from Boys to Vietmen..

In Hanoi – Vietnam’s Capital

We were already in Hanoi after the bus trip up there but after getting off the bus we literally jumped on our bikes and headed east to Ha Long Bay. We’re now back after Ha Long Bay and can have a proper look around the city. We have a couple days here and one of [...]

Ride Back to Hanoi. Poor Eoin.

Shiate day for Eoin. He lost most of his clothes for the trip when the bag of laundry he just had cleaned fell off his bike on his way back to the hotel. After retracing his steps almost immediately, it was nowhere to be found. What these people would want with a bag of used [...]

Ha Long Bay, Here We Are

What a beautiful place this is. Some of the strangest rock formations that I’ve ever seen. Like mini-mountains jutting out of the water. I can’t think of what caused this to form in the past but the Vietnamese have their own explanations: According to local legend, when the Vietnamese were fighting Chinese invaders, the gods [...]

Ride to Ha Long Bay

Whilst on the overnight bus, we were convinced by the bus staff that it was better to get off in Hanoi instead of Ninh Binh and then ride to Ha Long Bay from there. They said the road is better and the timing would be better. Ninh Binh is where the road forks on the [...]

Overnight Bus From Dong Ha to Ha Noi

In order to see Ha Long Bay (the eighth wonder of the world) we needed to make up some time. So reluctantly, we all agreed that we’d take an overnight bus through the middle part of the country with our bikes and then ride from Ha Long Bay to Hanoi to finish the trip. Looking [...]