Ride Back to Hanoi. Poor Eoin.

by JP

Shiate day for Eoin.

He lost most of his clothes for the trip when the bag of laundry he just had cleaned fell off his bike on his way back to the hotel. After retracing his steps almost immediately, it was nowhere to be found. What these people would want with a bag of used clothes that wouldn’t fit three of them together I have no idea. We figured they would have sold it back to us on the side of the road, but no dice.

After getting our spirits up with some coffee we headed back to Hanoi, our final destination for our bikes. About 60 Km outside of the city, Eoin’s Honda Bonus finally gives in. We flag down a truck that will take his bike into the city and go to our hotel. Eoin agrees to 200,000 dong (10 bucks) and we head in. Naturally, the truck drives away so quickly that we don’t have a chance to follow and we lose it.

Rob, Adam and I finally make it to the city in the night time and after pulling around a corner see Eoin at the side of the road with the truck guys. They say they won’t go into the city until 8pm and so they are stopping for dinner. They invite us to join and wait. So we do.

Meanwhile, Eoin fills us in on his trip. Apparently, the truck guys pulled over about 10 km outside of Hanoi and told Eoin that the 200,000 dong was to get to this point and it’ll be another 200,000 to bring the bike to the hotel. After some resistance and some bluffing, Eoin agrees and they set off. Now we had to have dinner with them. But all was well, and we can all see that 20 bucks is probably a more fair price. Every five minutes, throughout the entire meal the truck guys kept cheers-ing us saying it’s all okay and trying to make amends. It’s not personal, just business.

So we were off once again and back to a hotel safely. Rob managed to find a nice one too. Two king size beds and a decent breakfast in the morning.