Boyz to Vietmen

4 Friends Motorbike from South Vietnam to North Vietnam, from Boys to Vietmen..

Home Sweet Home.

We arrived in Vancouver and were greeted by two familiar faces. One we expected and one we certainly did not. Adam’s wonderful fiance, Brit, was there to pick us up with Adam’s car and my Mom, June, was also there holding a sign that read “Boyz to Vietmen”. I couldn’t have been more surprised or [...]

Back to Vancouver

The following day was a hurting day. Our last night in Vietnam got a little out of hand. But it’s probably the only way the four of us could ever say a proper goodbye to a country. Luckily, we were such ballers over here that the tailors came to our hotel room, so Eoin could [...]

Boyz Are Back in Saigon

Back in Saigon. Lock up your daughters. It felt like we were retracing our steps a little bit. We started out here with very naive ideas of the adventure we had signed up for and now that we’re coming back, we feel like veterans of a sort (although you don’t want to use that term [...]