Home Sweet Home.

by JP

We arrived in Vancouver and were greeted by two familiar faces. One we expected and one we certainly did not. Adam’s wonderful fiance, Brit, was there to pick us up with Adam’s car and my Mom, June, was also there holding a sign that read “Boyz to Vietmen”. I couldn’t have been more surprised or excited. I was kinda hoping there might be a bit of a reception but we don’t know anyone in Vancouver so I certainly didn’t expect it. You are both awesome, thank you so very much for being there. And as a treat you both saw Adam and Eoin’s suitjamas in their natural habitat.

Adam spent the night with Brit and the rest of us spent the night at Rob’s brother’s place, Nich, who was gracious enough to pick up some ballin’ furniture for his relatively new place and set up beds for us. Thanks Nich.

In the morning, Adam decided to surprise Brit and stay in Vancouver for a few more days until Saturday and spend the time with her, since she was staying there for a couple weeks for a medical school assignment.

After a gluttonous breakfast at Denny’s, the rest of us piled into Adam’s car and Rob drove us back to Calgary, making some very good time. We got back to Eoin’s place and we fired up Betsey. It sounded like a quiet library compared to our Minsks and the power was incredible. Of course, it didn’t start as easily as one would hope, so we called upon our new bike skills and got it running.

What a great trip, but it’s good to be back.