So What’s Next?

by JP

We’ve been back for just under a week now and we’re all getting over our 11-hour timezone difference. So what’s next for the Boyz to Vietmen? We’re not quite sure. Once we’ve had a chance to decompress I imagine there are two things that will be coming. First, I’d like to get us four in a room together and talk a little bit about the trip (over some beers I imagine). It’ll be interesting to see what we each have highlighted in our minds.

Second, Rob and I have to get to work and dissect all the video we collected throughout the trip. We’re going to create a movie documentary of some sort and publish it in some fashion. We’re not sure the format yet, whether it’s a 2-hour movie or whether it’ll be a number of 30 minute episodes, but we’ll definitely make good use of the videos we worked hard to capture. We’ll probably have the episodes on the website as download-able and/or maybe push them off to iTunes. We’ll see how it all works out.

For now though, I’d like to say thanks for following us along on our journey. It’s been great having you with us and reading your comments.

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Many Thanks,

Josh and the Boyz to Vietmen